The replacement buoy for Jensen Beach has been prepped and is ready for deployment.  At this point we are waiting for a good weather window for deployment and as soon as we get one the buoy will be restored to service.


The Jensen Beach buoy has stopped reporting and has actually been over due for its scheduled maintenance.  We will service this buoy as soon as we possibly can.  We are currently working on its replacement and it should be ready in the next week and of course after that we will need a good weather window to perform the service.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 


The Jensen Beach Buoy is down due to Hurricane Matthew.  We do have a replacement buoy for this location and it will be deployed as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates.


The Jensen Beach buoy survived!!! The loss of data during the Hurricane was due to loss of power at the lifeguard shack.  Now that power is back on and the laptop that receives the data from the buoy has been re-booted data is flowing again.  Still this buoy is overdue for maintenance and the wavegage batteries are very low so data may not flow too much longer.  We will swap out buoys as soon as possible.


It appears we have lost contact with the Jensen Beach buoy.  We have upgraded the alternate buoy to cell phone communications as we will soon lose the shore station (lifeguard building) as it is set to go through renovations in the near future.  This buoy is ready to go and will replace the current buoy as soon as the opportunity arises with a good weather window.


We have a boat lined up for the buoy swap but the winds are not forecast to be favorable at all this week but we will continue to monitor the weather and will get out as soon as possible.


We missed a narrow opportunity today to swap out this buoy.  Unfortunately we could not take advantage of the calm conditions and it looks like the weather will not cooperate for at least another week.


We managed to sneak out today and get the job done just before the winds started to pick up out of the South.  We swapped out the buoy and the data is streaming back to the web!



We went out to Jensen Beach on Tuesday this week to try to sort out the intermittent communications we have had since switching over the data transmitter from point-to-point RF to cell phone. Swapped out transmitters for one with a bit more diagnostic code to aide in troubleshooting and it looks like we have a damaged data cable from the wavegage to the topside buoy. We hope to get out next week after the holiday and swap out buoys to correct the issue.


We got out to Jensen Beach and swapped out buoys and data is now streaming back to the website.  The issue was a damaged data cable.   



Hurricane Irma took out the Jensen Beach buoy around 6pm EST on 9/10.  Last reading was 16.3ft at 9s.  Pretty burly but we are still striving to build an inexpensive buoy that will survive through hurricanes, even this close to shore.


Recovered the remains of the Jensen Beach buoy about 5 miles north of its deployed location.  We will be able to re-use most if not all of what we recovered.  This buoy will be the first to be restored.


The replacement buoy for Jensen Beach is about 80% complete and expected to be finished by and testing by 9/27.  Once testing is complete we will begin to look for a good enough weather window to re-deploy.  Thanks for your support!


The Jensen Beach buoy is ready to roll.  We have a boat lined up but now have to wait for a good weather window for deployment.


We dove on the buoy site to locate the anchor and remains of the buoy and wavegage.  After locating the anchor we secured a surface marker to it so it would be easier to deploy the new buoy.


We got out today by kayak and deployed the new Jensen Beach buoy.  She is up and running.  Many thanks for your support and patience!


We abruptly lost communication with this buoy around 11am.


We have been alerted by a beach goer that this buoy has washed ashore near the House of Refuge.  We recovered the remains and found that it has been completely destroyed as washed over the 'Reef of Death' in front of the House of Refuge.  We have a buoy ready to go that was earmarked for a different location but will be re-directed to Jensen Beach and deployed once we get a suitable weather window for operations.


We re-deployed the Jensen Beach buoy today.  Great conditions for diving considering the time of year, 71 on the bottom and 10+ ft of viz!  Basically put out a whole new station and recovered the remains of the previous station that were still attached to the anchor.  The wave gauge was fine as expected but we were pleasantly surprised to recover the buoy transmitter as well and it was in good working order.