The Cocoa Beach buoy was last heard from on 1/17/2016.  Due to recent weather we have been unable to get out to it to attempt on site troubleshooting.  We are currently working on a code upgrade for the transmitter which should help us in determining communication issues in the future and once we can get to the buoy we will swap out transmitters to implement the code upgrade.  We appreciate your patience.


The Cocoa Beach surf buoy was re-deployed today and data is now streaming to the web again.  Thanks again for your patience.


The Cocoa Beach surf buoy has been repaired and is currently testing in-house.  The buoy will be returned to service at the next available opportunity. Thank you for your patience.


The Cocoa Beach surf buoy was recovered today due to intermittent communications.  We will work to get this buoy back in the water as soon as possible, we apologize for any inconvenience.


The Cocoa Beach buoy was successfully re-deployed!


The Cocoa Beach buoy washed ashore last night in front of the Diplomat condo.  It appears that the mooring line broke at the connection to the chains at the bottom of the buoy.  It is unclear yet how this may have happened.  Thanks to Caity who sent us a Facebook message with photos we saw the buoy was fully intact when it washed ashore.  However, in a most likely helpful attempt to tow it further up the beach someone did major damage to the buoy.  As a result it will take us a bit longer than it should have to get this buoy back in the water.  We will keep you posted on the progress of this buoy.


The Cocoa Beach buoy has been repaired and returned to service today.  We had to repair the upper portion of the buoy, replace part of the data cable and make a new mooring line.  Water temperature on bottom was a refreshing 75F and viz was less than a foot.  Pretty much had to work by touch.  Thanks for your patience!


The Cocoa Beach wavegauge was just about out of batteries so we swapped out the wavegauge in-situ and it was a success.  There was no down time associated with this maintenance effort.


Hurricane Irma took out the Cocoa Beach buoy around 6pm EST on 9/10.  Last reading was 12.1ft at 11s.  Pretty burly but we are still striving to build an inexpensive buoy that will survive through hurricanes, even this close to shore.


Recovered the remains of the Cocoa Beach buoy today.  The buoy washed ashore just south of its deployed location.  This buoy will be returned to service as soon as we can get to it.


We have a new buoy ready to be deployed.  We are just waiting on a good weather window that aligns with our boat captain's work schedule. 


Due to a newly discovered design issue with the new buoy design that imparts too much stress on the cable connection at the buoy, resulting in cable failure, we have re-fit this buoy with a new bottom flange that will relieve the stress on the cable connection.  However this buoy will be used to begin swapping out with the buoys already in the field that are actively experiencing the cable failure issue.  Once all the current buoys have been swapped and re-fit with the new bottom flange we will then deploy the Cocoa Beach buoy.  We apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued support.